Stocks to Keep on the Radar

Investing in the stock market is a fantastic way to keep the money coming in during your retirement years for little to no work or effort on your part. Whether it’s passive income earned from dividend paying stocks or capital gains earned from your paper assets increasing in value, these are some of the most tax efficient and least effort required methods of making money. The internet makes this even easier today, your browser can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans.


These days there are many reputable and trustworthy public companies that are doing some fantastic things for the world. Many people prefer to invest in companies they know and whose mission or product they use and support. Leaders of the modern technology industry such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Netflix might be great bets to look into.

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If you’re wary about technology fads fading out or the bubble bursting, you might want to stick to tried and true staples like food and beverage. Coca Cola and Pepsi are behemoths that likely would take a catastrophic event for them to ever go away, particularly as they continue to acquire more and more smaller businesses underneath them to grew even larger. The same goes for alcohol giants ABInBev and Molson Coors, who also continue to scoop up smaller craft breweries that are part of the popular and ever growing craft beer fad.


Energy stocks could be a good bet as well, since the world continues to rely on fossil fuels to power our every day lives. Check out ExxonMobile and BP. And the emerging alternative energy companies trying to wean us off of fossil fuel dependence are also becoming increasingly popular. Look for solar, wind, and hydropower companies to hedge any bets in the oil industry you make.


Another popular sector in the stock market is the pharmaceutical industry. These giants are growing larger and larger every day, and our dependence on new drugs and medical devices is increasing along with it. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilli, Novartis, and AstraZeneca are big names to look into for your portfolio.


Often overlooked is the logistics industry. Companies like UPS, Maersk, FedEx, and XPO Logistics are certainly power players right now. If you think about it, giants like Amazon rely heavily on logistics and supply chain companies to be able to carry out their day to day operations and remain in power. That means lots of continuous business for the industry and a great place to put your money.