Retirement Investing

You worked hard all of your life and now that you are retired there’s no reason to have to work to earn more money on the side. Rather, invest your time in money into the stock market so you can sit back and watch the money roll in while you’re enjoying your retirement years.


If you have a financial advisor or stock broker, work with them to set up a proper portfolio that suits your investment goals during retirement. If you don’t have one or don’t feel comfortable working with one, that isn’t an issue at all anymore. Gone are the days of having to call up a stranger and trust them with your hard earned cash in hopes of seeing a profitable return from them without having the faintest idea of their investment skill set or track record. Your internet browser can be used for more than just learning about the Best 2020 Medicare supplement plans found at


Use the internet to set up an investment account for yourself with a reputable company you trust. Most large banks allow you to open brokerage accounts now and will even let you carry out your own trades for minimal broker fees. Some platforms will even allow you to do it for free!


Many of these no fee trading platforms are not provided by some large, established bank who has to cover large overhead costs for all of their branches and employees. These newer platforms have no branches and are entirely internet based, so their overhead costs are virtually nonexistent and you can trade on them entirely free of charge, outside of the actual investment cost of course. The downside is this means they are not as reputable as the banks you’re used to seeing and using, and you may not trust them as easily as you do the banks. However, take solace in the fact that cybersecurity is more technologically advanced and at the forefront of society today than ever before.


As long as these companies are claiming your information and investments are safe and secure, you should feel more comfortable trusting them than any other website or company that doesn’t take those things into account. If they are making claims about security publicly, the public can hold them accountable to those claims. Your security is as important to them as it is to you. So do your research and enjoy yourself playing the stock market.