Are You Missing Out on These Popular Apps?


It’s amazing what we can accomplish these days with the power have at the tips of our fingers. Apps are everywhere and use for everything. They are developed to make our lives easier and more convenient. So, are you using these incredibly convenient apps on your smart phone?



Starbucks has an app that allows you to preload money onto it and order your favorite coffee drinks and treats right from the app ahead of time. Pick the closest Starbucks to you and place your order, and it will likely be ready and waiting for you before you even get to the store. This is a great way to skip the line if you are running short on time or just don’t feel like waiting. Run into the store when you finally arrive and pick up your order waiting for you on the counter. Coffee has never been easier than that.



Now you can also order food ahead of time much like you order coffee with the Starbucks app. Rather than having an app for each of your favorite individual restaurants, download an app like GrubHub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats. They all list a wide variety of participating restaurants so chances are any establishment or special cuisine you are craving, in particular, can be found on the apps.


Of course, you can choose to pick your food up if you’d like, but you also have the option to have your food delivered right to your door step. No need to leave the house. And by paying through the app, no need to have cash on you for the tip. You can include the tip when you pay for your order online through the app. Getting food today is literally as easy as a push of a few buttons and sitting tight waiting for it to arrive. Did you ever think it would be that easy?

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Having the ability to manage your insurance claims and coverage is also important to have at your fingertips. Selecting Medicare supplement plans, making copayments, and keeping your statements in order are all possible from the apps that most health insurance companies provide you with today. You may also be able to search for doctors and specialists that are in your provider’s network to make it as easy as possible to find the care you need and still have it be covered by insurance.