Medicare Supplements & Medical Underwriting

The practice of Medical underwriting is used by private health insurers to determine if they are insuring a potential beneficiary. This is a health insurance term that refers to the use of medical or health information when evaluating an applicant for insurance coverage, usually for life or health insurance. As part of the underwriting process, a person’s health information can be used for two decisions: offer or reject coverage and establish the premium rate of the policy.

During the process of underwriting, the applicant may be required to submit to a physical examination and the insurer may reject the person based on the results or the patient’s history.

If you enroll in a 2019 Medicare supplemental policy (also known as Medigap) within your open enrollment period, you have “guaranteed issue right” enrolling you for a Medigap plan that is offered within your area of coverage.

During this open enrollment, insurance companies cannot refuse or charge a higher premium based on an existing disability or health condition. Insurers cannot require you to submit to health insurance.

Your Medicare supplement open enrollment period persists for 6 months. And it commence on the very 1st day of any month that you become 65 years old and signed up for Medicare Part B. The period cannot be delayed and, when it ends, you will not be able to gain it back. If you decide to defer coverage for Medicare Part B, Medigap will not begin to open your record unless you have Medicare Part B.

If after the open enrollment period you choose to enroll for a Medigap Plan, you might not possess a guaranteed issue. You might need to go through the medical underwriting process. Any insurer can review your medical history and may refuse to sell you a plan or may sell you a policy at a higher price if you do not comply with the terms of the policy.

There are exceptions whereby beneficiaries can enroll in a supplementary Medicare plan with guaranteed issue outside of their open enrollment. These include:

You will be involuntarily disenrolled from the plan if you enrolled for a Medicare Advantage plan and you are moving out of the plan’s coverage area. In this case, you will also qualify for a special election period to enroll in another Medicare Advantage policy. You must enroll in a new Medicare Advantage plan with a validity date that begins the month just after your shift or at the start of the 7th month. Else, you will be enrolled automatically in Original Medicare. You may have a guaranteed right if you return to Original Medicare.

  • If you have coverage under an employer health plan and Original Medicare and your employer’s health insurance is winding up.
  • If your Medicare Advantage plan leaves Medicare and you go back to Original Medicare.
  • If you leave Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan because the insurance company cheated you or did not obey the law.
  • If your Medigap insurance firm becomes bankrupt or loses coverage without your own fault.

Retirement Investing

You worked hard all of your life and now that you are retired there’s no reason to have to work to earn more money on the side. Rather, invest your time in money into the stock market so you can sit back and watch the money roll in while you’re enjoying your retirement years.


If you have a financial advisor or stock broker, work with them to set up a proper portfolio that suits your investment goals during retirement. If you don’t have one or don’t feel comfortable working with one, that isn’t an issue at all anymore. Gone are the days of having to call up a stranger and trust them with your hard earned cash in hopes of seeing a profitable return from them without having the faintest idea of their investment skill set or track record. Your internet browser can be used for more than just learning about the Best 2020 Medicare supplement plans found at


Use the internet to set up an investment account for yourself with a reputable company you trust. Most large banks allow you to open brokerage accounts now and will even let you carry out your own trades for minimal broker fees. Some platforms will even allow you to do it for free!


Many of these no fee trading platforms are not provided by some large, established bank who has to cover large overhead costs for all of their branches and employees. These newer platforms have no branches and are entirely internet based, so their overhead costs are virtually nonexistent and you can trade on them entirely free of charge, outside of the actual investment cost of course. The downside is this means they are not as reputable as the banks you’re used to seeing and using, and you may not trust them as easily as you do the banks. However, take solace in the fact that cybersecurity is more technologically advanced and at the forefront of society today than ever before.


As long as these companies are claiming your information and investments are safe and secure, you should feel more comfortable trusting them than any other website or company that doesn’t take those things into account. If they are making claims about security publicly, the public can hold them accountable to those claims. Your security is as important to them as it is to you. So do your research and enjoy yourself playing the stock market.

Stocks to Keep on the Radar

Investing in the stock market is a fantastic way to keep the money coming in during your retirement years for little to no work or effort on your part. Whether it’s passive income earned from dividend paying stocks or capital gains earned from your paper assets increasing in value, these are some of the most tax efficient and least effort required methods of making money. The internet makes this even easier today, your browser can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans.


These days there are many reputable and trustworthy public companies that are doing some fantastic things for the world. Many people prefer to invest in companies they know and whose mission or product they use and support. Leaders of the modern technology industry such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Netflix might be great bets to look into.

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If you’re wary about technology fads fading out or the bubble bursting, you might want to stick to tried and true staples like food and beverage. Coca Cola and Pepsi are behemoths that likely would take a catastrophic event for them to ever go away, particularly as they continue to acquire more and more smaller businesses underneath them to grew even larger. The same goes for alcohol giants ABInBev and Molson Coors, who also continue to scoop up smaller craft breweries that are part of the popular and ever growing craft beer fad.


Energy stocks could be a good bet as well, since the world continues to rely on fossil fuels to power our every day lives. Check out ExxonMobile and BP. And the emerging alternative energy companies trying to wean us off of fossil fuel dependence are also becoming increasingly popular. Look for solar, wind, and hydropower companies to hedge any bets in the oil industry you make.


Another popular sector in the stock market is the pharmaceutical industry. These giants are growing larger and larger every day, and our dependence on new drugs and medical devices is increasing along with it. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilli, Novartis, and AstraZeneca are big names to look into for your portfolio.


Often overlooked is the logistics industry. Companies like UPS, Maersk, FedEx, and XPO Logistics are certainly power players right now. If you think about it, giants like Amazon rely heavily on logistics and supply chain companies to be able to carry out their day to day operations and remain in power. That means lots of continuous business for the industry and a great place to put your money.

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It’s amazing what we can accomplish these days with the power have at the tips of our fingers. Apps are everywhere and use for everything. They are developed to make our lives easier and more convenient. So, are you using these incredibly convenient apps on your smart phone?



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Of course, you can choose to pick your food up if you’d like, but you also have the option to have your food delivered right to your door step. No need to leave the house. And by paying through the app, no need to have cash on you for the tip. You can include the tip when you pay for your order online through the app. Getting food today is literally as easy as a push of a few buttons and sitting tight waiting for it to arrive. Did you ever think it would be that easy?

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Having the ability to manage your insurance claims and coverage is also important to have at your fingertips. Selecting Medicare supplement plans, making copayments, and keeping your statements in order are all possible from the apps that most health insurance companies provide you with today. You may also be able to search for doctors and specialists that are in your provider’s network to make it as easy as possible to find the care you need and still have it be covered by insurance.

Commodities for Investment

A great sector to put your hard earned money into during retirement is commodities. Investing during your retirement years allows you to keep a steady stream of income while you’re out doing the things you love most, rather than having to keep a job. The internet makes it easier to invest today than ever before. Your internet browser can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans.

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Commodities often go overlooked by investors as they are sometimes taken for granted as things we know and use in our every day lives. Sometimes the change in value for commodities is slow and gradual, but other times major events can cause a large shift in the value of a group of commodities.


Coffee is a great example. The world practically runs on coffee and billions of pounds of beans are produced and sold throughout the world. If a major natural disaster occurs and takes out a large portion of a country’s crop, that will severely affect coffee output for a period of time. Or say countries impose tariffs on particular crops such as barley, that may severely impact the production and price of beer. Agriculture is one of the major sectors of commodities trading and certainly one to research well and keep an eye on.


Another sector to watch out for is energy. Oil is one of the most valuable products the world depends on for most functions of every day life in today’s society. Don’t overlook natural gas either. Understanding the conditions that make oil prices rise and fall can give you a valuable leg up when making investments in energy. It’s another sector that can be severely affected by natural or other disasters, so having a good understanding of global events certainly helps.


Don’t forget about gold and precious metals. Everyone loves gold, but silver and platinum are very valuable metals as well. Steel is used in virtually every modern structure built today due to its superior strength. Spend some time researching metals and decide if it’s a place you feel comfortable putting some of your money into. Typically the returns take a lot longer to realize, so they may not be the best options for shorter term investing. Whichever sector you decide is right for you, or if you choose a combination of different sectors to invest in, it could be a very lucrative way to earn extra money on the side.

How to purchase the best Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare Supplement Plan can help you to get a lot of benefits which you are not going to receive with Medicare Plan A and B. However, to have Medicare supplement plan it is necessary to have the Plan A and B as well. So, till reading this you will think that it is just an extra expenditure which will be difficult for you to bear. Well, this is not the case.

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Less premium amount:

A lot of private organizations associated with the Healthcare industry can provide you such plans. Yes, you need to pay a monthly premium for the same but the best part is that the premium amount is going to be very much within your budget. If you compare the premium amount required for having a Medicare Supplement Plan this premium amount is less and well within your budget.

Benefits of the plan:

As per the benefits are concern you will be able to get a whole lot of them. You can get the facility of annual general medical health check up coverage, coverage for hearing and vision problems, dental health benefits and many more. In fact, some of the supplement plans will also bear the cost of the prescribed medicine which is generally covered in Part D of the Medicare plans.

Comparison of plan is the key:

There is no paucity of the private companies providing such plans. So, the comparison on the various facilities you are going to get with the supplement plans become very much important in this case. You should also compare the premium amount which you will pay on monthly basis for the plan to be maintained. Then only you can get the best plan for you.

Check the benefits thoroughly:

Apart from the premium and benefits the rules and regulations for the services associated with such plans will vary from one private company to another. This is why it is extremely crucial to check all the benefits which you will receive with a particular plan. Check thoroughly about the terms and conditions of a particular plan so that when the plan will actually be required you will not be confused.

At the end it can surely be said that it is extremely crucial to have Medicare supplement plan because there are plenty of financial benefits associated with it in case of any healthcare emergencies. In such emergency situation financial constrain always becomes a big head ache. So, if you can keep a plan with you which will aid at that particular time it is always recommended to have that prior.

A brief guide to Medicare supplement plans

Medicare supplement plans are known to be comparatively new to healthcare industry. There is medicare Part A that pays for the recipients’ in-patient hospital stay, home-based medical care as well as nursing home. On the other hand, Medicare Part B is likely to cover all of the patients’ other expenses (ambulance, blood etc). And Medical supplement plan is the combination of best features of Part A and B along with cost of the prescription medicine.


Exploring more in details


  • Medicare supplement plan has become quite popular in recent times due to the benefits and supplements it comes with. Because of Medicare supplement, the recipient of this plan is able to stay at the hospital for some extra days, can pay less for the prescription drugs as well as pays low fees for the doctor’s visits. Apart from that, the recipient is not needed to be referred by their physician to avail all the benefits.


  • On the other hand, another benefit of this plan is its availability since it is available through the entire United States of America. There are various private insurance providers that offer you with this supplement plan as per your convenience. As per the law, Part A and B are needed to be incorporated into the Supplement Plan.

Types of Medicare Supplement

Take a look at

There are different kinds of medicare supplement plan available. Each of these types comes with its own set of benefits and perks. There are PPO plans, HMO plan, Private Fee for Service plan.

Among these, HMO is considered to be most popular choice out there. It is known to be quite appropriate for those Medicare recipients who really want to pay only most minimal of the out-of-pocket expenses as well as low (or zero) monthly premiums. However, this plan is basically provided in the metropolitan areas having great number of the medicare recipients.

Apart from this, private Fee for Service Supplement plan is likely to allow the recipient to effectively visit any hospital or doctor in America as per his/her choice. This specific benefit is one of the reasons behind the immense popularity of this plan.

Medicare Supplement plan is now provided in almost all the states in USA, whereas around 15% of the Americans were offered this plan in the year 1996. Average Americans are there to pay $736 as premiums every month, but actual monthly payment basically varies between $500 and $800 every month. This number is increasing day by day.


Limits for getting Medicare advantage from Blue cross blue shield

There are certain limits for using Blue cross blue shield Medicare advantage. Areas are specified in which medical insurance from Medicare can be obtained. Doctors are working in certain areas, which are covered by health insurance. Different doctors have duties in different areas and patients can check doctors in their areas for getting services. You can only get medical insurance benefits from doctors who have duties in your areas.

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Working of doctors

Doctors are working in different areas to give medical insurance services. If you are willing to get medical services from a doctor who is not working in your area then this will not be covered by medical insurance. You can get medical insurance from Medicare in your areas through doctors who are assigned to that area. Make sure to check doctors who are working in your areas as you can apply for medical insurance while getting services from them.

medicare advantage 2019

Important points

  • Some advantage plans from Medicare also include drug services to deal with cases in which patient has used drugs. It is good to use advantage plans as these can cover drug cases. Patients who have used drugs can be treated under advantage plans if they have obtained it in past. So make sure to have advantage plans so that cases related to usage of drugs can be treated when needed.
  • Different factors are contributing to annual charges. When you are using more services then annual charges will be increased. In addition to general items in insurance additional gains can increase total charges. When a patient has many additional benefits in insurance tactics then he is required to pay more premiums. This premium amount will be used for covering medical expenses.
  • Cost sharing is provided through medical security. Advantage plans from Medicare have different types of cost sharing services. The original medical insurance policy has separate charges and advantage plans have separate charges. When your premium is calculated then advantage plans and original plans are checked to find the total amount.
  • Advantage plans are updated from time to time. Benefits in useful plans are checked and updated and charges are changed. In this manner, the user is needed to pay different prices for getting different types of services. Main services are not changed only additional services are changed to make sure that user can get best results under Medicare advantage by Blue cross blue shield.

General overview of Medicare Supplement from Blue cross blue shield

Blue cross blue shield medicare supplement is a health insurance system which is furnished to persons who are throughout selected boundaries. Age is a critical component which is considered for receiving health insurance throughout this plan. Distinct varieties of health circumstances might in addition be applied for application throughout medicare health insurance, which are furnished for positive aspects of consumers.

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The plan is a variety of health insurance, which is built for persons over 65 years or more. Those persons can in addition employ medicare options and find positive aspects in a form of health security.

Consumers might check out the facts of options and generate variety of ideal options. In this fashion, any human being is ready to be enrolled in the event if he matches the conditions. Workers are ready to supply guidance as a way to generate variety of an ideal health insurance system. Wellness products are offered for consumers who are employing health insurance out of medicare.


Distinct varieties of charges are not covered throughout Medicare health insurance and persons ought to pay for them. In the event you are employing Medicare supplement options, you should pay for standard options as well. There are distinct expenses for supplement options which are to be paid for on a monthly base. You should pay a premium in standard and supplement options in monthly base, making sure that you might employ them as soon as essential.


There are many positive aspects of employing health insurance by Medicare. Even though paying for premium, the individual is ready to cover charges in parts making sure that he might employ the medical services as soon as essential. Distinct services are covered with copays. As soon as an affected individual is visiting to the doctor office in that case he could be covered through copays.


Distinct varieties of services include distinct expenses and cover could support in sharing of these expenses. In this fashion the affected individual is ready to have diminished expenses for medical charges as soon as he is covered with medicare cover. Some charges are paid for by people as soon as they are with an insurance policy. There is a constraint for these charges as soon as the people are employing supplement plans. Medicare insurance is supplying positive aspects and consumers are ready to share the medical charges for receiving medical features as soon as essential.


What to explore about AARP medicare supplement plan?

If you are looking for a good medicare supplement plan, then you are supposed to get AARP medicare supplement plan at top of the list out there. If you go for this supplement plan, you get to avail plenty of effective benefits. Before you go for this plan, it is important for you to explore as much information as possible for your own convenience.

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  • You are really required to remember that AARP medicare supplement plans and the AARP medicare supplement plans are not same thing.
  • Medicare supplement plan is known to be such a plan that covers those costs that are not covered by original Medicare plan. Costs that are covered with the supplement plan are deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance etc. Moreover, there are not supposed to be any network associated with the Medicare supplement. Therefore, you are allowed to visit any doctor out there according to your needs and convenience.
  • On the other hand, Medicare Supplement Plan is basically provided by some private insurance organization in order to administer the various Medicare benefits of yours. In this plan, you are supposed to have the co-pays for most of the procedures. Apart from that, you are also given a network of doctors and the hospitals that you are allowed to consult in the time of need.

AARP Medicare supplement Plans 2019

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP is not known to be offering any kind of Medicare coverage to you. Rather they act as partners to different outside agencies that provide Medicare coverage. AARP is known to be utilizing their brand name and amazing share of market in order to offer an effective service that they would not have been able to offer otherwise.

There is UnitedHealth who work along with AARP. UnitedHealth is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. They are there to provide a complete range of family, individual or employer Medicare supplement plans according to your requirements and needs.

When you go for the AARP Medicare Supplement plan, you are basically protected by the financial stability and brand name. On the other hand, you also get service from a popular medical insurance service provider. UnitedHealth has been in this field for last 40 years and they have really made a name in the market. More than 4 million people are enrolled with their service. You should also do the same to get all the supplements.